• In the representations of stories and myths, I have found my true vocation, my true home. Indeed, I have always felt in a state of exile in that I have never created my own story, my own mythology. So, against the spectacle of a disenchanted, cruel and obscene world, I am putting forward an imaginary scenography of a world that is dreamlike and fantastic but does not break the link with the real or the visible. That is why in my opinion appearance is equivalent to transfiguration. The real is only a starting point, a springboard for opening cracks and pathways to vision and listening, in a general disturbance of the senses.

    It is a walk out to the confines of temptation, taking in the terrestrial, the underground and the heavenly; I am the viewer of a spectacle which I put on show, while at the time remaining ob-scene.

    My characters are semi-unreal in the flash of an eye and cock a snook at current events. Love, hate, war are all included in the mystifications that can be the subjects of this game of dramatic art which my painting and installations play with. Always being far from the factual and the institutional, my dream uncovers the faces that are hidden from reality.

    Voyeuristic and visionary, in a hybrid and enchanted world inhabited by humanoids in a state of inertia or weightlessness, and with the echo of a child's loud laughter!

    Halim Karabibene

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